The Ship Your Supplements Story

Ship Your Supplements is a division of Get.Ship.Done., a company that works with authors, speakers, and information marketers. When some of our author clients, for whom we are handling book fulfillment, also began to offer supplements and other nutraceuticals they asked us “Can you ship my supplements?” Yes we can, so we began to take care of the order fulfillment for them of these additional products.

We recognized that the efficient and cost effective processes we have developed for book fulfillment would also work equally well in the supplement fulfillment industry and, as a result, Ship Your Supplements was born.

Our original fulfillment roots go back to the mid-1990s when company founder Bret Ridgway established the first portal website in the plant engineering and maintenance market. So we’ve been handling order fulfillment for our own websites and for the thousands of clients worldwide we’re blessed to be of service to for almost 30 years.

We operate out of our 50,000 square foot facility that is centrally based in Terre Haute, Indiana. We’d love to work with you.