Keith Scott-Mumby

"Completely Awesome at Fulfillment"

"Listen up folks: anyone who has aspirations to get rich has to engage the services of Bret Ridgway and his team are completely awesome at fulfillment. You will find yourself in professional hands. I highly endorse their special skills. Last year we passed $1 million in gross sales, thanks to their help."

Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby

"They Get the Job Done"

"Absolutely the best fulfillment company I've ever worked with. They get the job done. My customers are happy... and that means I'm happy."

Greg Poulos


"Phenomenal Service"

"Thank you for the phenomenal service you've been giving us and for always going above and beyond the normal call of duty."

John Assaraf

"There When You Need Them"

“Why look any further when you’re dealing with a partner you can trust and will be there when you need them.”

Norm Bour


"Absolutely the Most Reliable"

"Hi, this is Alex Mandossian and I've been using fulfillment shops since 1989, starting with the infomercial business, through direct mail, and then space advertisements selling hard products and now on the Internet selling clicks and bricks products both off-line and on-line and I want you to know that the Achilles' heel of most companies is fulfillment.

It's the last touch before the client or customer gets the product and you have to have a very reliable source and I'm here to tell you that although they're not the least expensive they are absolutely the most reliable and that is Ship Your Supplements.

If you've even thought about changing fulfillment houses or if you're looking to price fulfillment houses look at reliability and pricing as a combination and give them a try. I vouch for them wholeheartedly. I've known them for over twnety years and they've never let me down.

Alex Mandossian

"Best Fulfillment Service I Have Ever Used"

“Ship Your Books is, without a doubt, the best fulfillment service I have ever used.  It’s not just about fulfilling an order, it’s about working with you to get the job done. Ship Your Books has gone beyond what could reasonably be expected of them and over  delivered every time.  They have never missed a deadline and are always willing to do what it takes to help.  On more than one occasion they have gone out of their way to solve unique fulfillment requests from me.

Basically, they have never let me down and I think of them as part of my team.  I highly recommend them.”

Mark McRae


"One of the Most Trustworthy Companies on the Internet"

“Ship Your Supplements has been critical to the success of my Internet business. They gave me specific suggestions on increasing the value of my product. They are one of the most trustworthy companies on the Internet.”

Dr. Andrew Jones